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One of the most popular ways to enhance your clarinet is to select alternative barrels and bells. This is a great way to change your tone and response without changing and getting used to a new mouthpiece.

There is a wide choice of styles, weights, materials, bore sizes… here is how to choose the barrel and bell to improve the tone and playing style of your instrument.


Traditional barrels: an even taper from the mouthpiece to the top joint of the clarinet. Available for large (English) and medium (French) bore instruments. Even tone response and tuning suitable all round playing.

Reverse taper barrels (Moennig style): this type of barrel has a larger opening at the mouthpiece end and a tapered bore. The large reduction in the barrel bore has several positive affects; The third mode is not as sharp and the twelfths near the mouthpiece are reduced in size. Throat notes are sharper and brought into better focus.

Polycylindrical barrels: this barrel design of barrel has a series of closely aligned parallel bores. Playing style is open and free blowing. Specify large (English) or medium (French) bore size when ordering. Third and fifth partials are well in tune with correctly matched barrel and mouthpiece bore.

Standard weight barrel even tone and response throughout the registers. Traditional outside wall shape to match most popular clarinet brands; Buffet, Yamaha, Leblanc, Hanson. Available with shaped, rounded and flat reinforcement rings. A good all round choice to suit every player and style.

The lightweight barrel offers a sweet, balanced tone with excellent focus and projection. Very resonant. The elegant flowing design of the outer profile perfectly complement your instrument and the barrels refined character.

Heavy wall barrels provide more power and projection. The choice for principal players and featured soloists; better focus and response, more power, better projection when compared with standard weight barrels. Notes speak more readily with practically no inertia loss through the wall of the instrument.



Most instruments use a standard fit but the actual feel when fitting your barrel will vary instrument to instrument and again as the cork on your clarinet compresses to match the barrel.
A tight AND loose fitting barrel can be made easier or firmer using our pro cork grease with lanolin. The lanolin stiffens when there is a small air gap to help tighten a joint as well as easing tight joints.



Most clarinets use a 66 or 65 mm barrel, but this varies by manufacturer. Choose a 65 or 66mm barrel for standard tuning.

Choose a shorter barrel to assist sharpening an instrument. Especially useful for those who play in halls which might be cold at the beginning of a rehearsal and for entering an exam room with little time for warm up.

If you naturally play bright (sharp) choose a longer barrel to lower the pitch.


Grenadilla is naturally deep dark brown and offers a more focused sound with increased ping and projection.
Rosewood is red in appearance and offers a subtle softer tone.
The first question many players have is how to decide between cocobolo or grenadilla wood. The decision is of course very personal, but here are some general differences between the two woods that most players experience.


Dark black or brown coloration
Brighter tone with more “ping”
More projection and volume
Perfect for band or orchestral players

Ruby red coloration
Warm, dark tone
Blends very easily
Perfect for chamber or solo music
All the Backun clarinet barrels are unstained to showcase the quality of the wood. The beautiful appearance of these barrels is due to the natural appearance of the exotic hardwoods, which are naturally-aged in a climate-controlled setting in Backun’s factory in Vancouver – Canada. The robust colours and gorgeous grain patterns are not painted, stained, or dyed in any way. There is a thin layer of varnish to enhance durability and add gloss to the appearance.

best clarinets in the World need not cost the Earth;  Hanson clarinets were the first in the World to gain FSC accreditation and received a special International award for outstanding their contribution to sustainable and fair manufacturing.

The first instrument was presented to HRH the Prince of Wales.

From Classroom to Concert Hall.

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Student PLUS

Affordable quality clarinets which help your playing and technique progress faster.  Made using sustainably sourced African blackwood for a rich tone. Guaranteed for life against cracking.



Beautiful fully figured natural tone woods are a feature of Hanson clarinets and our ‘intermediate’ models sound as good as they look.  Made from sustainably sourced  naturally seasoned tone woods.



A selection of the worlds finest bespoke clarinets;  perfectly tailored and matched to you.


Our sustainably sourced award winning tone woods are naturally seasoned for up to 14 years.

Our purpose built dedicated machining centre cuts the wood with an accuracy that is difficult to imagine; up to 7 microns (0.007mm) – a tenth of the width of a human hair.


Exceptionally easy to play

We use incredibly precise ‘magnohelic’ testing equipment to measure airtightness and sealing of pads ensuring that every clarinet speaks with exceptional ease.

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