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9 months ago

This popped up on 'Facebook Memories' this morning. Marsden Jazz Festival 2018. Super!

9 months ago
Photos from Hanson Music's post

On the bench this evening... a set of LX's receiving their patina finish. The colours coming out in the brasses are natural, no lacquers or filters.

9 months ago

Yesterday, I cleaned my Hanson LX tenor which had been recently serviced and was playing perfectly. Today, it's screeching and 'motor-boating' very badly from Low G down. Octave Key notes are fine. Any suggestions on what's happened? Thanks.

9 months ago
Hanson Musical Instruments | including woodwind, brass, Orchestral, guitars

9 out of 10 Jazz Cats preferred HANSON saxes!

Five Yanagisawas, four Selmers, three Yamahas, two TJ's, a Cannonball and a Dave Guardalla all part exchanged in favour of a HANSON saxophone recently.

Our latest saxes are better than ever. If you're looking for the best saxophone it's time to play HANSON.

Local music shop near me in Marsden, West Yorkshire, England.

10 months ago
What is the best tenor saxophone Hanson LX from Marsden England

Thanks to Nigel McGill of SAX SCHOOL for reviewing our LX Custom tenor - THE British Made Saxophone! See the video here to see what he thought!

#madeinmarsden #britishmadesaxophone #besttenorsaxophone🙂

In this video I'm testing out a fantastic pro sax that's actually made by a company that is just down the road from my house! How cool is that. This is the H...

10 months ago
Photos from Hanson Music's post

It’s been a good day in the workshop.... right up until the moment the bottom broke from a gold plating glass tube and emptied the 24karat gold solution over the floor. At £300 a litre (and that vessel was 2 feet long and 8 inch diameter so you can work out how many litres that was) one might say it was unfortunate. Oh well, time for a beer and no use crying over spilt milk.... 😳. #volumeofacylinder #goldplating

11 months ago
School orchestras replace wind instruments with ukuleles as they adapt to post-Covid rules

Oh gosh. Just so long as the children aren’t taught to play chords and SING (!) all will be well.

School music directors say they are bringing in new instruments for junior players ahead of the planned full reopening of schools next month

11 months ago

What’s the collective noun for superb saxes? In the workshop today; 2 Hanson LX Custom tenors. #madeinmarsden #madeinyorkshire #madeingreatbritain 😀

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