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Hanson Custom Trumpets

Why have ordinary when you can have extraordinary?

Olds Recording.  Bach Stradivarious.  Benge 3X. Conn Connstelation. King Super 20. Select the best characteristics of the bell, mouthpipe, bore, bracing, valve casing, pistons, water keys and finish from these and other famous instruments to create your optimum horn. 

The best sound, the best response, the best balance, tuning, feel and styling.

Orchestral Models

Fitted with genuine Bach Stradivarious #37 bell and paired leadpipe.  Heavy double braced slides.  Choice of valve casing.  Characterised by a secure feel and robust tone.

Recommended specification:  Bach 37 bell. ML valve casing with PTFE pistons.  Bach #7 leadpipe.  Sheffield 25 Year Silver Plate finish. 

Studio Models

Your choice of Bach #43, Conn Connstellation or Hanson Bespoke bell.  Reverse leadpipe and strategically positioned light stays.  Perfect slotting. Zingy and full of life. 

Recommended specification:  Hanson rimless #72+ lightweight bell. M valve casing with PTFE pistons.  Bespoke #8 leadpipe.  Patinated raw brass and microcrystaline wax finish

Heritage Models

Step back in time;  Genuine Conn, Benge, Olds and King parts.  Bespoke build with precisely the right weight distribution and balance. 

Get the sound and complete the look with Vintage finishing and combinations of gold, silver and nickel silver.

Consultation sessions for tailor made horns.

Match leadpipes and bells, adjust stays, angles, balance, slotting, pitch centre…  everything.

All custom build instruments include a half day session of atelier consultation with opportunity to play and fine tune your perfect trumpet.


Overseas customers ask about our configurator to analyse your sound and optimum feel. 

After selection we schedule the build of your instrument with ‘final fitting’ before finishing in your choice of acoustically annealed and patinated brass, microcrystaline wax, Sheffield Silver Plate and 24 karat gold.

Why have ordinary when you can have extraordinary?

Bespoke trumpets.  Made in England. 

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