…Pete Thomas – his comments on Hanson saxophones from the ‘saxontheweb.net‘ forum….:

I recently visited the Hanson factory…   I tried a few altos and I have to say I could have easily used the SA3 or SA5 on a gig.  The SA5 in particular compared very well with the pro SA8 I had borrowed, and any of these would easily blow away a Jupiter or Trevor James Signature and even compared very favourably to an early YAS-62 I used to have.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to try any sopranos or ST5s as I got waylaid by a bunch of ST8s, all of which were very nice instruments but one in particular I just couldn’t put down…  …basically the best tenor I’ve ever played – I didn’t go there intending to buy anything but I just had to take that horn away with me.

Pete is author of the excellent cafesaxophone.com forum.   The forum link is almost a decade old now but his opinion is highly valued by many and our saxes are even better now than then!   Link to the forum page and Pete’s post ion it’s entirety is here

…from Mr Gibbons on his wifes new clarinet….:

I am writing to thank you for the wonderful service regarding the purchase of a SE5 Grenadilla. My wife was speechless at the quality of the instrument. It is a worthy successor to her current clarinet which she has had for 27 years and which holds many memories. Already she is thinking of looking for a local ensemble to join so as to do justice to her new instrument, and I guess that is what music is all about, passion and excitement.

…or from Mr Bayne in New Zealand after laser scanning and refacing his sax mouthpiece…:

thanks so much for your help – there would not be many people in the world who could improve a mouthpiece anything like that. I even got a double high D, which is concert C three octaves above middle C, and it did it so controlled and the four octave chromatic scales are sheer dynamite.


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