Hanson Clarinets

Beautiful and individual instruments, ethically and sustainably made.

Award winning clarinets.

The best clarinets in the World need not cost the Earth;  Hanson clarinets were the first in the World to gain FSC accreditation and received a special International award for outstanding their contribution to sustainable and fair manufacturing.

The first instrument was presented to HRH the Prince of Wales.

From Classroom to Concert Hall.

 Quality instruments to help you reach your best performance.

Student PLUS

Affordable quality clarinets which help your playing and technique progress faster.  Made using sustainably sourced African blackwood for a rich tone. Guaranteed for life against cracking.



Beautiful fully figured natural tone woods are a feature of Hanson clarinets and our ‘intermediate’ models sound as good as they look.  Made from sustainably sourced  naturally seasoned tone woods.



A selection of the worlds finest bespoke clarinets;  perfectly tailored and matched to you.


Our sustainably sourced award winning tone woods are naturally seasoned for up to 14 years.

Our purpose built dedicated machining centre cuts the wood with an accuracy that is difficult to imagine; up to 7 microns (0.007mm) – a tenth of the width of a human hair.


Exceptionally easy to play

We use incredibly precise ‘magnohelic’ testing equipment to measure airtightness and sealing of pads ensuring that every clarinet speaks with exceptional ease.