Had an instrument gathering dust for years? Stopped playing? Looking to upgrade?

Whatever the reason for selling, we are here to help you turn your unwanted instruments into cash. Our in depth knowledge of the musical instrument market, along with our expert technicians and dedicated selling team will make this process stress free and easy.

Our Sale on Commission service



How it works:

If you have an instrument that you would like to sell, then we can help. Simply follow the steps below to get started:

  • Fill out the contact form below with the details of your instrument, giving as much detail as possible.
  • Send your instrument to us by following this link, using our fully insured DPD Drop Off Service.
  • We will be in touch once we have received the instrument and advise on sale price  and any repairs that we may recommend for your instrument.
  • We will list your instrument for sale on our website and advertise it in store at the agreed upon price.
  • We will take 15%* commission from the final sale price.

*The minimum commission we charge is £50. So if the final sale price of your instrument is below £333.33, then the commission will be a flat £50, and if it is above £333.33, then it will be 15%.



What if the instrument is not in playing condition:

If your instrument is a bit old, tired and in need of some work, then we can help. Once your instrument arrives with us, we will advise on any work that may need doing in order to get the instrument in playing order.

Every instrument that we send out gets a checkover and setup as standard, but any work that needs doing above this will be charged. Once your instrument has been inspected by a technician and any repairs agreed with you, then the cost of the repairs will be deducted from the final total. This means you will not have to pay for any repairs up front.

What if you change your mind about selling the instrument:

If at any point you decide you would like to keep the instrument and no longer sell it, then we can courier the instrument back to you. We will ask you to pay for the shipping and for any repairs that have been done on your instrument before despatch.

Once your instrument has been sold:

Once your instrument has been sold, we have to wait 30 days before anything is processed, as the customer has the right to return the purchased item. After these 30 days have passed, we will begin processing the payment method, and you will be paid the final amount at the end of the month. The total amount paid to you will be the final sale price, less the 15%* commission, less the cost of any repairs to the instrument. Payment to you will be made via Cheque.

*The minimum commission we charge is £50. So if the final sale price of your instrument is below £333.33, then the commission will be a flat £50, and if it is above £333.33, then it will be 15%.

What you can expect from us:


As soon as your instrument arrives with us , it will be inspected by an expert technician who will assess the overall condition of the instrument. After this, we will be in touch to discuss sale price and any work that may need doing. You will be notified by our workshop system once any work has been completed and the instrument has been added to the website. Your instrument will be expertly photographed and have an in depth description to give it the best chance of a sale, and our expert Google advertising will ensure that your instrument is seen. You will be able to find your listing on our website by searching for your Surname.

After this point you will not receive any communication from us regarding your instrument until a sale has been made, or an offer has been made for your instrument that we would like to discuss with you. If you would like information or an update on your instrument then please don’t hesitate to call or email us about it.



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