There’s never been a better time to buy British!

With a strong US $ and a weak British £  it’s a great opportunity for a bargain from ‘over the pond’.




We’ve been making instruments since 1989 and our instruments are renown for their quality as well as value.

If you’re considering getting a new sax in time for Christmas now is the time.


USA and Canadian customers only:  USE COUPON CODE ‘FB20’ and get 20% off marked prices

– this means that the price you see in British £ is about what you’ll be paying in US dollars!



Our saxes were launched in the USA at the NAMM show way back in 2002 – just ‘Google’ us or check out our facebook page to find out more.   Our instruments are the best as featured in HAYNES manuals, reviewed by owners on forums and even presented to HRH Prince Charles.


Hanson Series V saxophones

Intermediate standard horns – compare these to Yamaha 480’s

Soprano £750    Alto £730    Tenor  £850

use coupon code FB20 and that alto works out to about US$750!)  Better than a Yamaha and half the price.

Hanson Series V alto sax



Hanson Series VIII saxophones

Professional horns – play these against Yamaha Custom horns and you’ll not be disappointed!

Soprano £1250    Alto £1280    Tenor  £1550



Hanson LX saxophones

Professional ‘Vintage’ horns.  Looking for a 5 digit MKVI in as new condition for a $2500?

Soprano £2200    Alto £2200    Tenor  £2400


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