A Busking Week

September, 2020

Homefirth, Uppermill, Slaithwate and Marsden

How long: 4 days, 3 ½ hours 
Places: Homefirth, Uppermill, Slaithwate, Marsden 
Days: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday,  Saturday
Spots: Aldi, Park, the Pigeon place, Crumbals on the Corner

We set out for Aldi, Homefirth, at about 2:30 on Sunday. The weather was fine and in the back of the car there were not only shopping bags, but violins too! While Daddy was inside doing the weekly shop we busked for an hour outside beside the bags of compost, it was fairly busy but we didn’t have a very steady stream of people – once we played a piece where there was no-one there at all! It was still great fun though. 

On Monday we went to busk in Uppermill. It was bank holiday Monday and very sunny which was lovely.  Our baby brother played in the park with our Mummy while we were busking as well, and at the end we received free ice creams from the van nearby!

Tuesday we went with our grandma to Slaithwate and played our violins next to where the pigeons like to sunbathe, and on Saturday we buskedon the pavement opposite Crumbals on the Corner, Peel street, Marsden. A good fun week, thank you very much to everyone who contributed! 

  • Sunday business 50% 50%
  • Monday business 10% 10%
  • Tuesday business 40% 40%
  • Saturday buisiness 43% 43%

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