Hanson STVI Tenor Saxophone


A limited edition saxophone with keywork layout and other features based on those from a mid 1960s Selmer Mark VI.

Used saxophone – great condition.


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This is a great example of a limited edition Hanson STVI Tenor Saxophone, which features the layout of the key work from the highly sought after mid 1960s Selmer Mark VI; and just like the original Mark VI, the Hanson Series VI does not feature a high F# key. One key feature of the Series VI is the slightly heavier gauge wall of the body, meaning that the walls are slightly thicker and so less sound waves are lost, allowing for a bigger, thicker and more robust sound.


The Mark VI is not too dissimilar to our Hanson LX saxophone, so if you’re looking for a thicker and more robust sound, the Series VI will suit you more, whereas if you’re looking for a more lightweight clone of a Mark VI, then the LX is probably for you.



Alternate finish available – hand rubbed raw brass finish with patina and microrystalline wax, as seen here:

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Gold Lacquer, Hand Rubbed Raw Brass