Hanson SS VIII 24K Soprano Saxophone


  • Professional series soprano saxophone.
  • Gold brass body and keys.
  • Acoustically annealed one piece body, neck and bell with unique Hanson body taper.
  • Silver body and gold keys.

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By adding acoustic annealing to the single piece hand-hammered tube of our professional range sopranos we have achieved a additional warmth rarely found in the tone soprano saxes.

Fitted with self adjusting bearings to the the class leading keywork feels extremely smooth and will last for many years due to reduced wear on the pins and key rods.  Less wear means better sealing of the Italian leather pads and continued superb response.

A true professional soprano saxophone with great intonation through the registers.


This is a second hand saxophone that is in fantastic condition with barely a scratch on it, and the unique silver and gold finish makes for a really stand out saxophone.