Ida Maria Grassi ‘Professional 2000’ Soprano Saxophone


A professional level soprano saxophone made in Italy by Ida Maria Grassi.

Great condition.

In stock


Between the 1960’s and 1990’s, Grassi was a very large producer of wind instruments in Italy; yet, for reasons unknown, very little is known about the company or its products. An Italian company named Proel now owns the rights to the Ida Maria Grassi logo and still produces saxophones today, but with the stamp ‘Italy’ instead of ‘Made in Italy’. This saxophone has serial number (65,XXX) which dates it to being made in the early 90’s, making it one of the last models with the ‘Made in Italy’ stamp. It is the ‘Professional 2000’ model, as stamped on the bell section, which have a reputation for being great players with a wide and even sound.


This instrument is in great condition, and before it is sent to you it will be fully serviced, play tested, and set up in our workshop before it is dispatched to you to ensure it plays and feels as good as new.


If you would like to know more about Grassi saxophones, there is a fantastic article on with more information about different models and their respective dates of manufacture: