Pirastro Gold Label Violin String – E


Pirastro Gold Label E string to fit full sized violins, steel core fitted with a loop end.

In stock (can be backordered)


The Pirastro Gold Label Violin E String produces a classic sound for the modern musician. The steel core produces clear, bright tones with a powerful projection. This model is left unwound for a more direct response and slightly lighter feel. This model’s medium tension gauge has the optimum balance between a versatile sound and comfortable playability. This string features a loop tailpiece end and is designed for full size violins.


The Gold Label Series of violin strings offer musicians a traditional tone with modern playability. The steel and gut cores are matched to complement each other’s frequency ranges. The gut cores are all crafted, wound and polished by hand for the most authentic feel possible. The Gold Label series strings’ key feature is their easy playability, which makes them ideal for developing musicians wanting a traditional sound. This string series is ideal for musicians wanting to upgrade their string quality as their ability progresses.

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