Hanson Series V tenor


The Hanson Series ‘V’ Tenor Saxophone

Quite simply the best intermediate tenor saxophone on the market at a price which is belies it’s quality.

100% part exchange deal available when its time to upgrade to a professional model.

Available in deep gold lacquer or Vintage distressed finish in RAW brass.

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Lighter, smoother, more responsive.  The best is now even better.


Play test the all new Hanson V against the cream of our competitors models and you agree that we have a clear winner.   See the comparison chart lower down to see how the Series V stacks up against the ‘best of the rest’.


Hanson Series-V


  • NEW –  lighter weight from improved design and materials:  Easier to hold and play without compromising durability.
  • NEW –  faster key action and less maintenance:  We’ve added the self-adjusting spring-loaded screws and bearings from our LX model and the new series 5 feels fantastic.
  • NEW  – dark gold lacquer finish.  We designed this finish for our top line saxes but it just looks so good we decided to use it on the series 5 too.  The deeper colouring really makes the hand engraving stand out.
  • NEW  –  Genuine mother of pearl touch pieces are now standard.  This may not sound like a big deal until you have compared them side by side to a sax fitted with imitation (plastic) touch pieces e.g. Yamaha 480, Jupiter 769, Buffet 400 series.


Players moving up from a student model will immediately feel and hear a big difference with this saxophone.


Articulated table keys and genuine mother of pearl touch pieces

Articulated table keys and genuine mother of pearl touch pieces


Lower action palm keys

Lower action palm keys




Since 2003 the Hanson ST5 has earned an enviable reputation for quality and ease of playing.  It’s a solid and reliable saxophone that will take you from starting out right through your grades;    a great choice for beginners, advanced intermediates and pro players looking for a second instrument.


Our recent updates take this instrument up a gear. This is easily the best saxophone you can choose, even considering other makes and models which would easily cost you more than double the price.  You’re buying direct with no high street ‘mark-up’, so our prices are lower and our aftersales service is better. 


5 years warranty.

5 years free servicing including ‘wear and tear’ repairs.




Comparison chart – details are accurate at time of publishing using data from the manufacturers and dealers websites.


Make and model Yamaha 280 Yamaha 480 Trevor James SR Buffet 400 Hanson ST-V
Yellow brass corpus
Annealled neck
Annealled body
Annealled bell
Integrated key posts (strap mounted)
Tri point body to bell brace
Blue steel springs
Mother of pearl key touchpieces
Waterproof leather pads with wool felt and reflectors
Articulated table keys
Soldered body/bell joint
Hand engraved
Spring loaded key mounting screws
5 years warranty, 5 years servicing including ‘wear and tear’ repairs.
UK web price (indicative ‘google shopping’ search) £1104 £1669 £1579 £1098 £970


All details are correct at time of writing and prices are taken from ‘google shopping’.  Should you find any detail to be incorrect or have changed please do let us know. 



In side by side testing the Hanson ‘V’ feels lighter and more responsive than the competitors,  is easy to play, has exemplary intonation and tuning, a longer warranty, comprehensive aftersales care and buying direct from the Hanson workshop is lower in price than it’s competitors.   Finally, when it’s time to upgrade you get 100% of the price paid in part exchange.


We think we covered everything our customers could possibly want – if you have any suggestions for how we can improve please tell us.


Choose a Hanson saxophone and play the best.



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Repairs cover, including wear and tear

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