T5 Bb clarinets


Selected tonewood naturally seasoned for a minimum of four years.

Available in Grenadilla, rosewood, reinforced Grenadilla and ebonite.

5 years warranty and 5 years free servicing.

Made in Marsden, West Yorkshire.



The first in our line of professional clarinets.   Ease of playing, great tuning and an even tone are the main features of the T5.    Players will appreciate the expression afforded by the tapered tone holes; a key difference between our intermediate (SE) and professional (T) series clarinets. 


T5 in Grenadilla

T5 in Grenadilla


Selected tone woods, aged naturally for at least four years (although we have for a limited time a number of six years seasoned blackwood and rosewood sets available) are chosen for the T5. 


Choose classic grenadilla (African blackwood)  with a large ‘English’ bore for the most broader, rounded tone quality, or for a more focused tone and precise intonation select a medium ‘French’ bore instrument.    The beautiful rosewood instruments afford a softer sound well suited to chamber music,  though many players are also choosing our rosewood instruments for use in the symphony orchestra and concert bands where they are equally at home.  Follow these links to read more about the different tone woods and bore shapes and sizes.

For more information on bore styles and woods please call us on 01484 848060 and speak to Alastair Hanson for personal expert advice.


The keywork is richly finished in Sheffield silverplate and everything is machined using CNC precision then built by hand to ensure that your instrument will feel perfect under the fingers. For your first truly professional level clarinet the Hanson T5 is a great choice and will serve you well for many years.


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  • 5 years warranty.
  • 5 years free servicing.
  • 5 years free repairs.
  • 100% part exchange on upgrades.
  • Selected tonewood naturally seasoned for six years.
  • Made in Marsden, West Yorkshire.


Supplied as an outfit with a matched Hanson or Vandoren professional mouthpiece and ligature, quality silk and cotton cleaners, 100% lanolin cork grease and a high quality case.

If you have a specific mouthpiece or set up request please call us and we will do our best to help.



Made in Marsden, West Yorkshire.   ‘T-series’ clarinets combine the best in hand craftsmanship and computer controlled instrument making.

Our customers tell us that they choose Hanson clarinets for a variety of reasons;  Hanson clarinets are made in Britain,  each instrument is a blend of hand craftsmanship and the  latest in computer aided design and manufacture;  we are passionate about ethical and sustainable business practices;  we offer excellent value for money and our expert advice and service has been noted time and time again on various forums – customers are confident they are choosing a good product and also a good company… these are just a few reasons cited.

Most importantly our clarinets sound and feel great – choose a Hanson clarinet because you love to play.


The worlds first FSC certified clarinets:  made from sustainably sourced African blackwood (Grenadilla).

We have always chosen our wood with care and season (age) naturally – no kiln drying or artificial methods are used to speed up the manufacture process – and we are proud that the wood we buy is sustainably sourced .    In 2008  Hanson Clarinet Company was presented with an special award by the Forestry stewardship council in recognition of our ‘outstanding contribution’ to conservation and sustainable manufacturing.    We made the worlds first FSC certified clarinet in 2010 – featured by BBC news and later presented to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales.






Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 35 × 27 × 10 cm
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