HANSON Warranty, Free Servicing and Goodwill Repairs


All Hanson Instruments include a 5 Year Warranty.

Many of the instruments we make are also supplied with free servicing to keep your instrument in good order AND, perhaps most usefully of all,  free ‘goodwill’ repairs.

Put simply we build our instruments to last.  You can be sure that they will stand up to a good ‘gigging’. 

We also look after wear and tear and accident repair. If you do bend a key, split a pad, break a spring or something more drastic we will be there to help you.


Our aftersales service is the best in the industry.  Here’s why:

Many products these days are advertised with long warranties and promises of quality but what does it really mean?    I don’t mean to sound cynical but it’s rather easy for a company to advertise  ‘5 years warranty’,  ‘7 years warranty’, even ‘lifetime warranty’ – they just make sure the small print has plenty of exclusions.  If you read the small print of the warranties you will most likely find exclusions for most things – a warranty most often covers ‘defects in materials and workmanship’.

Our aftersales service is different – you are important!  Most of our customers find us through recommendation of a friend or teacher.



For your convenience we Collect and Delivery Nationwide.  Watch the video to find out more.

Frequently asked questions about our free servicing offer.


What is included in ‘free servicing’ ?

Our workshop time is free for servicing and we will also fix many ‘wear and tear’ items and minor damage for free.   During a free service we will check the whole instrument, regulate the action, lubricate and make sure your instrument is in good playing order.  We don’t include polishing though if you do want a clean and polish whilst your instrument is in the workshop we will be happy to arrange this for you at a reduced rate.  If your instrument has been damaged through misuse then you may be liable to a charge.  We will always contact you prior to carrying out additional work.

Do you collect and deliver?

We do offer a collection and delivery service, click here for details.   If you want to use our courier service all we ask you to cover is collection and delivery costs.  We use DPD couriers.  The use an insured next day service.  You can also bring your instrument in to us or send using your own courier or the Post Office.  If you do use your own delivery service be sure to use a ‘signed for’ service and we always recommend having insurance on any parcel.


How long does it take?

By booking your instrument in for servicing you can have your instrument turned around within two working days.   If you need your instrument returned the same or next day, or have any other requirement please tell us on the booking notes and we will do our very bet to help you.  If there is something particularly urgent please call us and check before sending.   We will always do our best to accommodate you.


Is there anything you won’t repair free?

Yes.  We don’t offer free repairs for anything cosmetic  so if you scratch or dent your instrument or don’t clean it we won’t offer to fix it for free.  We don’t cover ‘total loss’ damage; If you accidentally run over it with the car for example we won’t be able to fix it for free!  This would be a job for your insurance company, not the repair shop.   Our free repair service is intended to help keep your instrument in good playing order, to help you with common problems that might otherwise cost a lot and take a long time.


What is meant by: “our repair scheme is a goodwill service”?

If you have a ‘goodwill repair’ included with your item please remember that this is offered free of charge as goodwill to our customers and this service is discretionary.  Some high street shops that have an ‘in house’ repairer will also offer such a service in order to look after customers.  However, by offering this service we do not enter in to a contract and if we have any reason to believe that damage has been deliberate or malicious for example then we reserve the right to refuse the service free of charge.


What are your terms and conditions of sale?   Where is the small print?

To view our terms and conditions click here


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