Hanson T6 Bb Clarinet – 2018 Model – Display Stock


A 2018 model, symphony bore T6 clarinet with Grenadilla body and alternate Eb lever.

Excellent condition & great price!

In stock


Our best selling professional clarinet that sets new standards in playability. The key to the success of the T6 is it’s ease of playing and evenness of tone- sweep through the registers with ease; ¬†relax and enjoy your music. The wooden body of the T6 clarinet is naturally seasoned for a minimum of 8 years, (although we are presently benefitting and enjoying a limited amount of 10 year old blackwood) before final sculpting using our purpose built computer controlled machine which boasts a repeatable accuracy of 6 microns (0.006mm!).


This particular clarinet has a seasoned Grenadilla wood body and features a Symphony bore. Our symphony bore clarinets are a medium bore (14.65mm) clarinet with a longer taper to the top joint, making them particularly free blowing whilst retaining a very good focus to the tone and excellent intonation.


This is the 2018 model of our Hanson T6 and has been on display, hence the great price for a great instrument!