Used Benge Trumpet


A versatile trumpet custom built by Elden Benge in Los Angeles, Califronia, USA, which has an ML (0.460″) bore size and bell size 3.

In good playing condition with some lacquer wear and small dings.

Comes with 3 years free servicing and warranty.

In stock


This resno-tempered bell trumpet was custom built by Elden Benge in Los Angeles, California, USA. This particular model has a 3 stamped on the bell which indicates the type of bell used on the model, and ML stamped on the valved block which indicates that the trumpet has a bore size of 0.460″. It is an excellent, lightweight and highly versatile trumpet that is capable of producing a big sound. Unfortunately this trumpet has suffered from some lacquer wear and scratching over the years and has a few small dings, but it is still an great playing, easy blowing instrument.

Before this trumpet is sent to you it will be fully serviced and play tested to ensure that it plays and feels as good as new when it arrives with you.


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